Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The third week

Wednesday. Today we went to visit the beach from Cadzand in the Netherlands just across the Belgian border. Together with one of the assistants we took a day off and we walked and drank coffee together.

Thursday We went to the Rainbow to help a bit to accomplish some gardening in Moerkerke at De Barke, the other house of the community. We planted some beautiful flowers which will hopefully grow in August.
In the evening we went to a place called Soepcafé. They get things from the supermarket which is almost expired but still good and they cook with it. So almost every Thursday De Moerbei goes there to eat. The food was good, especially the dessert.

Friday. In the morning we went with both houses to a church  to prepare and practice for the benefit concert which will be tomorrow.
Later that day, Gerrit who is taking accordion lessons, has an exam, but at the same time it was a concert we could go to and listen to. They played 3 pieces with the accordion class and one piece (Danse Macabre) together with the saxophone class. The core members have a lot of fun as they know a lot of people and enjoy music a lot.

Saturday. The big day. Everyone is kind of nervous so we will not have any program until the concert in the evening. In the afternoon when most take a good rest we went for a small walk and had a little coffee with two of the core members who got bored staying home all day long.
And then the concert. With a short Program of the l’Arche community in the beginning. Some of the core members were talking and we saw a short part from a movie about the community where Jean Vanier was talking about his ideals.
Then the main concert. Sigiswald Kuijken, a famous classical musician, played the violoncello and the violin. It was amazing to have the possibility to see such a great artist. After we had some drinks together with all the people who were there we went home, tired and happy!

Sunday. We are really tired, it was a long night. Everyone stays at home watching movies and relax. We are invited to visit the Salesians in Oostende to see their work and help a bit.

The Salesians of Don Bosco, Province of St. Philip the Apostle, are part of an international community of consecrated religious, both brothers and priests, founded by Saint John Bosco. Their mission is to evangelize and educate young people, especially those who are poor and at risk, in the style of Don Bosco, to be signs and bearers of God's love for young people.

In Oostende they created a place for young people from difficult background mostly immigrants and refugees where they can spend the day. For young people from 12-26 they offer a place to stay in the afternoon/evenings and when they have a break at school. It’s a place where they can have nonalcoholic drinks, snacks, computers to use, and to play games like billiard table tennis or just hang around…

We played with some of the guys, helped with the cleaning and joined the 4 brothers who live there for their evening meal and prayer. And it became a really good day!

“I think that sharing our limitations and difficulties helps others more than to talk about our qualities and achievements.
In a community we are called to love people for who they are, with their wounds and their talents and not for what we want them to be.
We need places where we can be ourselves.
We cannot solve the big problems of the world, but we can change it - heart by heart.”
Jean Vanier

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